Hey everyone , I hope you are doing good .

Today I wanna share my current skin care routine that I have been following and adoring at the moment . I have got less than 2 months for my wedding and I turned my bride mode on and incorporated a good skin care routine so that I can look fab on my big day . I have a combination skin and if you fall into my kinda skin category then hopefully this skin care routine should work for you .

How to get rid of oily skin


Waking up with tired skin and heading out with that oily face is a hectic deal. Here are few simple tips to stay fresh and ditch that oily skin .

Hello Aloe: Aloe has the prime power to absorb the oil deposited on the skin. Just take the aloe Vera pulp and gently massage your face to dump all that dirt and stay clear.

Tips to get soft pink lips

From songs to poems to sayings , when admiring a girls beauty undoubtedly people throw bouquets at lips. Dressed up in reds , pinks and nudes they are always smashing. Its utmost important to take good care of such erotic lips because dry and chapped ones makes you look awful. So here are few plain sailing tips to get those soft rosy lips.

Detail of young woman's face
Detail of young woman’s face

Hats off HONEY: Honey is highly rich in moisturising properties . Just dip your fingers in honey and dab it on your lips . Massage them gently , wait for 10 mins and wash it off with lukewarm water to get that pretty soft lips.