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Wedding -undoubtedly is one of the precious moment for every bride out there . Looking her best is what she desires for . So here am gonna list out few tips on how to shop for the Indian wedding saree that makes you look exquisite on your big day.

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PLAN SHOPPING AHEAD : Preferably go for shopping atleast 2-3 months before your wedding . So you can get lots of time to get your blouse stitched and ample of time to select it’s design .

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VISIT MULTIPLE STORES : It’s always a good idea to check out for sarees in a slew of stores as you can get clear idea about the varieties and designs present in various stores . Go and check quite a few shops, if you love something and if you feel like you can’t miss that out then grab it up , if you feel like just considering it ask the sales person to keep the saree aside ,then go and eye out other stores and pick the one you love .

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GO FOR SHOPPING WITHOUT MAKEUP : This may sound crazy but trust me this is an awesome sauce tip. To look glam in the reel and real it is very important that the saree you take should perfectly match to your original skin tone . Absolutely makeup will enhance your natural features and will make you stunning . Believe it or not there will be a set of colours that looks great on you with makeup and may not flatter you without makeup . So it’s very crucial that you pick the one that matches your natural skin tone so then anyway it looks stunning with makeup

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TAKE SHEDLOADS OF SCREENSHOTS: Scroll down the Instagram profiles like ezwed , weddingsutra,wedmegood and many more to get an idea of the latest saree designs and trends . Look into myriads of photography pages so you can get a clear idea on what colours look like when photographed and also which colours look best in photos and videos .

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CONSIDER TIME , DESIGN , FABRIC : Keep in mind about the time of the wedding as the colour should go along with the time like its morning or evening . You can pick a bolder colour for the evenings and a bit subtler ones for the mornings . Also make sure that the fabric is comfortable as you have to sit for long hours effortlessly in your wedding saree . Make sure the design you choose goes along with your body type , time of the event and most importantly with your jewellery.

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Lots of love ,

Keerthi Kumar


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