Hey everyone , I hope you are doing good .

Today I wanna share my current skin care routine that I have been following and adoring at the moment . I have got less than 2 months for my wedding and I turned my bride mode on and incorporated a good skin care routine so that I can look fab on my big day . I have a combination skin and if you fall into my kinda skin category then hopefully this skin care routine should work for you .

CLEANSER : I use the Himalaya neem face wash and LS Dew soap ( a medicated soap) as the cleanser . I switch between these 2 alternatively. The Himalaya neem face wash helps to prevent pimples as it has got neem and turmeric in it . They have good anti bacterial properties to fight against bacteria whereas , the LS Dew soap was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I have been using that since 4 years . If you have sensitive skin this soap works brilliantly to treat any skin concerns and even assist in preventing skin problems when used regularly .

TONER : Many people neglect this part of the routine . It is vital to use toner on a regular basis . Toner helps to get rid of excess dirt that is left over after cleansing . Toner also helps to shrink your pores and assists in removing any traces of leftover makeup . I use the oriflame Rose 🌹 water toner . What I do is , I spray on some toner on a cotton pad and will gently wipe that cotton pad on my skin .

SCRUB : For scrub I go with papaya paste . I will wait for 10-15 mins after the application and will gently scrub it off . Papaya is an incredible natural exfoliator and you don’t need to invest big bucks in market made scrubs .

FACE MASK : I usually don’t prefer using face masks that are available in the market, instead I always love to make that on my own right from my kitchen . I mix 2 tbsp almond powder , 2 tbsp curd and 1 egg white , stay on for 15 mins and will wash it off with regular room temp water . You can even opt for Luke warm water guys .

SERUM : I use the cipla vitamin c serum . Vitamin c has got good brightening properties which helps you to get glowing skin with regular application . Serums have more active ingredients than creams ,so they penetrate much deeper into the skin and shows up results quickly than creams .

MOISTURISER: I use the glen mark aloe Vera cream . Aloe Vera has got amazing hydrating and soothing properties. This cream is fragrance free one ,so even if you have sensitive skin doubtlessly you can go with it

SUNSCREEN : I have been using the la shield sunscreen since ages guys . It gives protection from both UVA AND UVB rays . It is oil free formula and is dermatologically tested as well .Make sure to reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours when you are under sun exposure . Ideally prefer an spf of min 30 atleast

Dos and dont’s for skin

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated . Your skin is 80% water guys ,so the more you drink water the more you will own a glowing texture .

Avoid carbonated drinks completely .

Avoid sugars as much as possible instead go with dark chocolates 🍫 or dry fruits or fruits 🍇🍈 if you have sweet cravings

Have good sleep 😴 for 6-8 hours .

Eat fruits 🍉 and veggies that has water content like Kheera ,musk melon 🍈 to keep skin hydrated .

Make sure to take vitamin c Intake daily by either having amla or lemon juice 🍋 cuz vitamin c has brightening properties

Go for regular exercise to get shuck of the toxins . So you can either hit gym or go for walking .

I hope you will find these tips helpful. Do subscribe to my blog via email to get notifications regarding new posts . Check out my makeup tutorials on youtube and do follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more updates .

Lots of love,

Keerthi Kumar


  1. Pls do a post on beginners makeup kit . I confused in buying products.. mine is super oily skin . Which primer is good for oily skin.. suggest me lipsticks pls


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