How to get rid of oily skin


Waking up with tired skin and heading out with that oily face is a hectic deal. Here are few simple tips to stay fresh and ditch that oily skin .

Hello Aloe: Aloe has the prime power to absorb the oil deposited on the skin. Just take the aloe Vera pulp and gently massage your face to dump all that dirt and stay clear.

Pool cool water: If you are owning oily skin then flee from hot water to that good cold water . Grab a spray bottle , fill it with moderately chilled water and spritz at regular intervals to stay bright .

Fruity Fix: Fruits like oranges and apples have amples of anti oxidant properties to shuck off all that dullness . Dip cotton into the juice and dab it on your face to look fab all day . 

Lovely lemon: If we want to pick just 1 fruit which is highly rich in antioxidants then doubtlessly we should sort out lemons. To say good bye to open pores and that fugly oily face , mix up few drops of honey and cucumber juice with lemon juice and apply the blend to your face regularly . 

Excellent Egg pack: Apply a pack to your face and neck generously with egg white . Leave it on for 10 mins and wash it off to get that fresh and younger looking skin . 

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